Disappearance of Mauritanian citizens in Mali:


A Mauritanian delegation of ministers traveled to the Mali border on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 March. Under the leadership of the Minister of the Interior, the delegation also included the Minister of Defense and the commanders of the army and security forces. They met the families of dozens of Mauritanians who disappeared in early March on Malian territory. Their relatives claim that 15 of those missing were killed by the Malian army. On the Malian side, we always deny.

as reported from Nouakchott, Salem Mejbour Salem

The Mauritanian government has not yet quantified the death toll. But Interior Minister Ahmed Salem Ould Merzoug wants to reassure the people of Mali’s border regions: “We have made commitments with Mali so that all light is cast over the number of the dead, by whom and under what circumstances.

Ahmed Salem Ould Merzoug warned of any desire to attack the Mauritanian people: “As you know, we ensure the security of people and property within our borders. The government, I want to confirm this, will strike hard at anyone who tries to cross the border. to attack our countrymen. “

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Already in January last year, seven Mauritanians were killed in the area. The question of a possible involvement of Malian soldiers was also raised. Mauritanian experts by the ad hoc commission responsible for shedding light on the events of 5 March, Nouakchott left Bamako on Wednesday evening, 16 March.

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