a candidate for the presidency of Ceni challenged

The election of the new office of the Independent National Electoral Commission is a big deal. The election, which was scheduled for last Monday, has been postponed until Thursday 15 July. The opposition parties challenge the representative of the usual chief.

The candidate nominated by the ordinary chief is one of the candidates for the post of President of the Electoral Commission. According to the Election Act, the chairman of the Election Commission must come from civil society. But opponents suspect him of being an active member of the ruling party, which would call into question Cenis’ independence. These opponents rejected his candidacy.

“The political opposition cannot tolerate such a presence of a politically committed, clearly biased personality, which questions the principle of independence and impartiality of the body responsible for organizing the elections,” said Alain Zougba, president of the other Burkina Party. .

The opposition arrested the Ministry of Territorial Administration for rejecting this candidacy. Minister Clément Sawadogo’s response was swift. He emphasizes that no legal text makes it possible to reject this candidacy for the Presidium of the Electoral Commission:

“We do not know of any regulations that enable us to accept a challenge from the said members. We stick to the fact that the law says that sovereignly, each component appoints its representative. Nothing says anyone can question that. ”

The opposition parties threaten not to sit on the election commission if the representative of the ordinary chief is not replaced.


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