The remnants of the former Zimbabwean dictator,

This is what the children of the former Zimbabwean president who died in September 2019 fear. Three of his sons are taking legal action against the verdict handed down by a traditional boss last month. The latter orders the excavation of Robert Mugabe’s body that was buried in his home village because he believes that the burial site does not comply with customs.

Three sons of the former dictator will meet in court on June 29. They are appealing the verdict from a traditional boss. He orders the remains of Robert Mugabe to be buried and then buried at National Heroes Acre Cemetery in Harare, before 1 July. For her part, Grace Mugabe, former first lady, is fined five cows and one goat for violating the funeral customs. Her fault, after burying her husband in her home village, according to her wishes, is defended by the family.

As soon as Mugabe died on September 6, 2019, the question became his funeral the subject of an arm wrestling. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s entourage opposes Mugabe’s funeral in his village. Too far perhaps from the national novel told by the Cemetery of the Heroes of the Nations, a monument in honor of the warriors of the revolution.

Fearing that his remains were being treated incorrectly, Robert Mugabe had formulated one last wish: to be buried in a probably inviolable coffin.

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