The EU supports democratic elections in Libya,

The European Union and Italy expressed support for the democratic process and electoral efforts in Libya on Monday.

The President of the High National Electoral Commission, Imad al-Sayeh, held separate meetings with the EU Ambassador’s Head of Delegation to Libya Jose Antonio Sabadell and the Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi in Tripoli.

In his meeting with Sabadell, al-Sayeh discussed the latest developments regarding the electoral process and sought support for it, according to a statement published on the Commission’s website.

Sabadell noted that the international community continues to support the Libyan people’s call for a democratic and stable state and that support for the democratic process was necessary in this regard.

In the meeting with Grimaldi, al-Sayeh discussed the latest developments in Libya, while Grimaldi emphasized that Italy stands with the Libyan people when it comes to elections.

Last Friday, UN envoy Stephanie Williams offered to mediate between political rivals in Libya as two rival governments claim power after tentative steps towards unity over the past year.

Williams, the UN Special Adviser in Libya, invited lawmakers to appoint 12 members to a committee to work to overcome the political stalemate.

Lawmakers in the eastern city of Tobruk swore in a transitional cabinet, with Fathi Bashagha as its prime minister. His government is set to replace Tripoli-based Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

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