so far exemplary, Tunisia is sinking in the health crisis

The curfew has been established in several major provinces such as Tunis, Sousse or Monastir. Prayers and weekly markets are now banned and festivities and gatherings are canceled. While in early summer the Tunisian model was praised for its control of the pandemic, the tone has changed.

as reported from Tunis Michel Picard

The country had 50 deaths in early August and now has 409 deaths. By March, general containment and border closures had made it possible to limit the spread of the virus.

But the reopening of borders in early summer and the general relaxation against the virus have resulted in an uncontrolled development of cases. At the same time, the Scientific Commission, whose recommendations were followed to the letter in the spring by the government, no longer has the ears of politicians.

The economy on its knees

Several of its members defended e.g.idea of ​​confinement in Tunis in recent days. The Prime Minister brushed the idea and argued for the serious economic consequences it would have in a country already at the end of its rope.

25 MPs are in quarantine, including six infected with the virus. The current situation is similar to what other countries in the world experienced in the light of the first wave, but the success of spring has drained forces and the fragile health system is already close to saturation. Protective equipment is lacking in schools and hospitals, and the private sector is now challenging preventive measures.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health announced the generalization of pollution throughout the area. This is the end of the follow-up from case to case and the exact number of patients. The virus management system has been modified according to a member of the Scientific Committee.

The impact on public finances is already estimated at several billion euros, unemployment is close to 20% and any strong recovery measure risks giving the final blow to an economy on its knees. What the new government, which has been in place since early September, is not ready to consider.

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