The Tigray Warfare threatens to unfold to others


In Ethiopia, the Tigray War threatens to spread to other parts of the country. The Tigrayan rebels have already launched an offensive against the neighboring Amhara region. Following a call from the Prime Minister, other Ethiopian provinces are mobilizing their troops. The rebel forces in Tigray are making sure they launch an attack in another province to stop the arrival of these reinforcements.

as reported from Addis Ababa, Noé Rochet-Bodin

It is a very limited operation carried out by the Tigrayan rebels in the Afar region, according to one of its spokesmen.

The aim was officially to expel the special forces from another Ethiopian region, in this case the Oromia region. Because at the request of the Ethiopian government, several provinces have deployed some of their special forces at the gate to Tigray. There are soldiers from Oromia, but also from Sidama, the Somali region and the southern province.

These thousands of additional troops are coming to support the federal army, but also the Amharas special forces and militaries who are on the front lines.

The Tigrayan rebels are therefore trying to stop this massive deployment in Afar province, which adds a new front to Tigray. Because the fighting is already taking place in the southern and western part of the province.

The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called once again for an outburst of national solidarity to counter the TPLF party, which he described as “cancer” on his Twitter account.


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