Somali Military Crushes al-Shabab’s Child Recruitment Camps in Massive Raids

In a recent update, the Somali Ministry of Defense revealed that military troops have successfully neutralized al-Shabab bases involved in recruiting minors. This achievement comes after an extensive week-long mission in the regions of Southwest, Hirshabelle, and Galmudug.

Abukar Mohamed Hassan, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, reported that operations took place in various areas such as Middle Shabelle, Hiraan, Galgadud, Bay, and Bakool. Throughout these endeavors, government forces dealt significant blows to the terrorist group, demolishing their hideouts used for planning attacks.

“We have dismantled locations where al-Shabab coerced young individuals and villagers into paying ransom,” Hassan stated.

Nonetheless, Hassan did not disclose the precise number of al-Shabab militants eliminated during the recent offensives.

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