Rwandan opponent Paul Rusesabagina remains in prison

This Friday, October 2, Rwandan justice once again rejected the request for release on bail for Paul Rusesabagina, who is known to have saved many lives during the genocide of the Tutsis. This opponent of President Paul Kagame is targeting 13 charges, all linked to terrorist acts.

The court ruled that Paul Rusesabagina could flee the country if he was released, and therefore rejected his application for bail on appeal. The referee also responded to some points raised by the defense as well as by Paul Rusesabagin’s family, who considers that he should be tried in Belgium because of his Belgian nationality.

“He was born in Rwandan and did not lose his nationality because it requires a legal proceeding,” the judge declared, specifying that Rwanda’s justice was competent to adjudicate the case since the crimes were committed in Rwanda. .

His role in FLN soon debated

Paul Rusesabagina is in fact suspected of being responsible for the attacks attributed to FLN, which until recently was the armed wing of the MRCD, a platform that brings together several opposition movements in exile, including that of Hotel Rwanda’s hero. For his part, Paul Rusesabagina ensures that he only played a diplomatic role in this organization. This point will be discussed during the trial, the date of which is not yet known.

His Rwandan lawyer, David Rugaza, in any case declared himself dissatisfied with the court’s ruling and assured that he would renew his request for release on bail as soon as possible. However, this lawyer is not recognized by the family of Paul Rusesabagina, who accuses him of working in the interest of the Rwandan government.

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