“People’s victory” for power, “disguised”

Djibouti President Ismaël Omar Guelle was re-elected on Friday, April 9, for a fifth term. He would have received 98.58% of the vote, according to the first provisional figures announced Friday to Saturday, April 10. In Djibouti, the first reactions were heard this Saturday morning.

On the power side, it is time to celebrate after Election Day on Friday 9 April. “Thank you for your trust, thank you for Djibouti! Let’s continue together! “Tweeted at night the newly elected president, Ismael Omar Guelleh.

On Friday night, Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed also welcomed the first results on his Facebook page. He called the election a “victory for the Djibouti people” and cited a turnout that would exceed 77%.

However, this figure is being questioned by opponent Abdourahman Mohamed Guelleh, from the Radde party. According to him, the djiboutian would have “massively boycotted the grass masquerade”. On Twitter, he even welcomed this boycott and called it a “great victory”. The opposition parties had decided not to run in the presidential election, calling it a “non-event”.

The result of the election is therefore not surprising, as the outgoing president had only met one candidate: Zakaria Ismail Farah. 56-year-old businessman, little known in the political scene, he had only acted shyly and complained that he was not benefited by a law enforcement service. The candidate was not seen in the polls on Friday either.

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