Eritrean army commander-in-chief sanctioned for atrocities in Tigray

NAIROBI, Kenya ;Eritrean army chief sanctioned Tigray atrocities NAIROBI, Kenya National Defense Forces.[ENDF].ENDF received significant reinforcements from the Eritrean Defense Forces [EDF] and the AmharaRegionalArmed Forces in an operation lasting more than seven months.

The withdrawal of the invading troops, but the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury (OFAC) sanctioned General Filipos Woldeyohannes alias Filipos, Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces, asthe leader or official of a company that wasseriouslyaffected during the ongoing conflict in Tigray Has committed human rights abuses.Philippiwas appointed underDecree [E.] 13818, which is based on and implements the Magnitsky Global Human Rights Responsibility Act and targets perpetrators of serious human rights abuses and corruption around the world, the department said.

“The Treasury Department will continue to take action against those involved in serious human rights abuses around the world, including in the Ethiopian region of Tigray, where such acts exacerbate the conflict and the current humanitarian crisis.” said the director of the foreign ministry.

Asset control Andrea M.Gacki.“Today’s action shows the United States’sdetermination to place costs on those responsible for these heinous acts that exacerbate a conflict that has inflicted enormous suffering on the Ethiopians.Wecallon Eritrea to withdraw its troops immediately and permanently from Ethiopia, and callon the parties to the conflict to start ceasefire negotiations and put an endto human rights violations. In response, however, Asmara called Washington’s decision “unfounded and overdue” in a statement released Tuesday.

He repeatedly charged the NationalArmywith “selfish achievements.”Eritreacontinuedto pledge to support the Chief of Defense, noting that it was the victim of negativeUS campaigns aimed “to bring our country down.The conflict in Tigray has exacerbated the humanitarian situation in the US Crisisthreatening hundreds of thousands of lives.Despite the unilateral ceasefire declaration by the Ethiopian government on June 28, parties on all sides continue to escalate the conflict.

EDF returned to Tigray after their first withdrawal following the ceasefire on 28 June. In the meantime, EDF has moved to neighboring Afar and Amhara districts, which could exacerbate the conflict, despite the fact that approximately 5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. aid and over 400,000. In the face of famine, Ethiopian federal and regional forces in Amhara continued to restrict humanitarian access, while the Ethiopian government called on all Ethiopians to mobilize to support the Tigray operation. The actions of these escalators are fraught with the exacerbation of a serious humanitarian crisis. Chief of Staff of the EDF. A

s such, he leads all EDF forces operating in Ethiopia. EDF is responsible for mass murder, robbery and sexual assault. Federal Reserve troops raped, tortured and executed civilians; They also destroyed property and plundered businesses. EDF deliberately shot at civilians in the streets and carried out systematic house searches, executed men and boys and forcibly evicted Tigray families from their homes and seized their homes and children and their property. …Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs] in Tigray described EDF’s systematic efforts to inflict as much harm as possible on ethnic Tigray communities in EDF-controlled areas.

Insiders report that in some cases, EDF used knives or bayonets to open the suitcases of pregnant women and then left them to die. The EDF forced the survivors to leave their corpses where they lay, or inadvertently executed them.

Countless displaced persons reported incidents of rape, murder and torture by EDF friends and family. Sexual violence is used as a weapon of war and a means of terrorism and harm to an entire population; most rapes are committed by men in military uniforms such as the Fed. The resettlement also refers to a “fire” policy aimed at preventing the return of displaced persons to their homes. a person who is an official or government employee of an organization, including any government agency, who has committed or whose members have committed serious human rights violations in connection with their duties, the statement said.

As a result of Monday’s action, all property and interests in the property of the above person that is located in the United States or owned or controlled by an American will be frozen and must be reported to OFAC.

Directly or indirectly, 50% or more of one or more blocked people are blocked. Unless permitted by a general or special license issued by OFAC, or otherwise revoked, OFAC rules generally prohibit all transactions made by citizens of the United States or within the United States. [or in transit] in the United States in connection with the property or interest in the property of designated or stranded persons. Prohibitions include the contribution or provision of funds, goods or services, for or for the benefit of any person trapped, or receiving any contribution or provision of funds, goods or services, any services from that person, Washington noted.


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