the number of train accidents in Katanga is increasing

In the southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the death toll from freight train derailment in Lubudi territory, Lualaba, has risen to 60 to 75 over the weekend after more bodies were discovered.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

This after an inspection visit to the site train derailment, that the Director of the National Railway Company of Congo (SNCC), Fabien Mutomb, announced the new balance sheet. According to the SNCC, the accident was caused by “the sudden cut in the traction that led to the train and carriages drifting into a ravine”.

The government, for its part, lamented the tragedy and offered its condolences to the grieving families. The government says it has made arrangements for the care of the victims. The director general of the SNCC is expected in Kinshasa on Monday for a crisis meeting with the government. But already in the opposition, Felix Momat, general secretary of the party Conscience Awakening for Work and Development (ECT), demands from the government a dignified funeral and compensation for all affected.

How sad to realize that at least 60 people lost their lives in the tracking of a Congo National Railways freight train in Kitenta / Lubudi, Lualaba. Courage for the grieving families and quick recovery for the injured. I’m sorry for your loss!

– Felix Momat (@FelixMomat) March 12, 2022 Järnvägsbolaget says that the victims are free passengers who stormed this freight train. For civil society, it is due to the lack of means of transport in the region that the inhabitants resort to this type of practice.

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