non-medical care workers continue to strike

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, non-medical staff and public administration administrators continue the strike. The doctors won their case.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

Strike triggered to claim and risk premium continues. If all healthcare professionals initially claimed this, today there are only healthcare professionals who are not doctors left.

“We have presented our specifications for the professional risk premium, as we have also observed that there are significant differences, which discourages differences between ourselves, healthcare professionals and administrative staff. That is why we negotiated with the government, which agreed to reduce the gap, ”explains Joseph Kibangula, Secretary General of the Union des infiriers et infirmières du Congo.

“The government does not want to take this situation seriously” The doctors, for their part, won their case and therefore suspended movement. A decision that was treated by the unions as unfair: “Unfortunately, when we call for reductions in the gap, the government is in the process of complimenting itself by adding a category of money, the doctors, to the same risk premium that we demand today.”

“It made us angry, we negotiated with the government for the second time, which agreed to reduce these gaps and put us all on the same level, of course, with respect for the wage index. Unfortunately, we have also understood that the government does not want to take this situation seriously “, he adds.


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