In the spotlight: the return of President Félix Tshisekedi to Kinshasa

Le Journal, Kinshasa’s news daily, reports on the Republic’s return to the capital on Thursday. According to this tabloid, Felix Tshisekedi walked a bit with the crowd that came to greet his return, after two weeks in Brussels, Belgium. Stay excited about the controversy surrounding his state of health, Le Journal recalls. While rumors have mentioned a heart operation, his return and this march ultimately contradict all those who have spread false news about the president’s health, writing this daily.

“Despite the pouring rain on Thursday, the followers of the Holy Union FATSHI warmly welcome, underlines AfricaNews”. “Since we got off the plane at Ndjili International Airport, we can still read from this three-week newspaper that the President of the Republic has been greeted in triumph by thousands of activists from the Sacred Union of Nation led by the Alliance of Democratic Forces of Congo. is dear to Modeste Bahati Lukwebo gathered along the path of the head of state’s procession to show him his connection.

Back in Kinshasa, Félix Tshisekedi takes action! It’s in the daily newspaper La Prospérité. This newspaper reports that the head of state yesterday, after returning to Kinshasa, went directly to the scene of the fire that occurred the day before in the Debonhomme district. It was to ask about the real situation that he also lamented the consequences for the lives of the Congolese. La Prospérité describes “a man who is visibly moved and full of vitality despite a headrest”. This provokes his daily return after a stay linked to a medical examination during which a herniated disc in the cervix was diagnosed. “The president benefited from drugs and non-surgical treatment,” explains La Prospérité colleagues.

Félix Tshisekedi confirms his candidacy in 2023 for the Belgian newspaper Le SoirForum des As, another daily newspaper in Kinshasa, dissects the interview that the Congolese president granted to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir. “Felix Tshisekedi confirms his candidacy there in 2023”, headlines this newspaper. “Already,” the brothers commented on the Congolese newspaper, this announcement of Félix Tshisekedi’s candidacy is likely to reassure his many compatriots about his long-term health condition. ” On the other hand, the Forum des As continues, “the President of the Republic intends to show that he still respects the Constitution in terms of deadlines for elections. ) explains its determination to bring peace to the eastern part of the vast territory of the DRC.

Return to Parliament on Tuesday 15 March …The other dominant topic in the press this week is the return to Parliament. It took place on Tuesday, March 15. On this subject, the daily newspaper Le Phare shows two titles … In the Senate, President Modeste Bahati Lukwebo imagines “A new Congo at all levels”. In the National Assembly “priority electoral reforms”.

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