feelings after the big ones


Players from the Red Star Ndongo Club, the nickname “Africa”, who won the African Club Cup in the 1970s, died in the most complete poverty and caused many reactions in Bangui. After finishing his career, it was difficult for him to find a job. In recent years, he has lived on the solidarity of those around him. Sick, he had initiated appeals to help him pay for his care.

On social networks, photos and conversations about donations to help Jacques Serefio had been reproduced. The former basketball star died this weekend despite the help he received.

“I am very sorry, because Mr Serefio is really a great Central African basketball player,” testified Aimé-Serge Singa-Bengba, President of the Central African Republic Basketball Association. His departure calls to us, he was retired and his living conditions were a bit difficult. When we learned at the federation level that he was ill, we contacted the government, who did everything to try to treat him. “

Today, former basketball players and former professional athletes generally do not benefit from a pension system. The post-sports career is a real problem, admits Aimé-Serge Singa-Bengba.

“The transformation in our country is not easy, but it does not only apply to the old. Even young people who play sports, who have no education and are forced – because they have been injured or for some other reason – to give up, often some, those who have not been educated, are in difficulty. “

The president of the basketball association plans to organize his general states within a few months. The issue of a solidarity fund and a pension system will be on the agenda.


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