complaints and threats of indefinite strike on Radio Television

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, staff, all categories combined, for national radio and television broadcasts, the official media, threaten to disconnect. A strike notice, for unlimited movement, was submitted yesterday, Monday, August 16, to the general management. there are suspicions of financial mismanagement, but the manager rather thinks that the employees have been manipulated.

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

The strike is planned from next Tuesday … There will be a minimum service, with reduced staff, warns René Kalonda, the union delegation’s secretary. According to him, the management refuses to meet staff to discuss problems in the company.

“We are talking about the new salary scales that are slow to sign … there is also the thorny problem with the license fee … and also the working conditions in the air, health and safety leave something to be desired”, details René Kalonda.

Freddy Mulumba Kabuayi, Deputy Director-General who has adopted the interim term since the death of the incumbent, said he was surprised by all this concern. According to him, the General Inspectorate of Finance has initiated an investigation of RTNC, the results of which should be expected. “We have to wait for the results (of the audit) from the IGF. The strike does not stand up … behind all this agitation is the black hand … “

Mulumba Kabuayi himself complains that the sitting person in his lifetime had never associated him with the company management.

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