COD 2020 opposition platform criticizes accusation

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In the Central African Republic, the COD 2020 opposition platform condemns the dismissal of Karim Meckassoua and condemns a political decision.

The former presidential candidate in central African Republic and MP for Bangui, Karim Meckassoua, was fired from his post in mid-August by the Constitutional Court. He is accused of pushing armed groups to launch a military offensive to remove President Faustin Archange Touadéra in December last year.

A decision is strongly criticized by the platform. “Mr Meckassoua, even though he is not a member of COD 2020, is part of the democratic opposition. We are in a system where the Touadéra government does not want opposition and is doing everything to terrorize us,” said Soshtène Guetel Dilamkoro, sitting president of the platform of the opposition.

“We must give him the opportunity to express himself” “The Constitutional Court did not say the law, but rather served the power to help the political accounts. All this gives me the impression that the force hits the person in Meckassoua, and that is what we condemn,” he said.

Since, Karim Meckassoua has left the country. COD 2020 would have liked him to be able to participate in the Republican dialogue that is currently being prepared to explain: “We believe that in order to have an open dialogue, all Central Africans must participate. There is no point in threatening people or putting them in prison. On the evening of these consultations, we must calmly approach this dialogue in order to be able to discuss all issues. If we today accuse Meckassoua of being a senior founder of the CPC (Coalition of Patriots for Change, editor’s note), he must be given the opportunity to express himself. As Central Africans, there is no more ideal environment than this inclusive dialogue so that we can tell the truth, ”he concludes.


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