arrest of Jacky Ndala, President of


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is still no conviction between pro-Katumbi and pro-Tshisekedi under the proposed “consolation” law that could ban access to the president’s office and other sovereign functions. People who do not have a Congolese father and mother. The text is strongly questioned by Moise Katumbi’s party, which has even threatened to leave the ruling coalition. For those close to the former governor, a new step was taken on Sunday with the arrest of Jacky Ndala, the head of the youth union in the party Moïse Katumbi.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The reasons for Jacky Ndala’s arrest are not known to his relatives or his party, the Ensemble pour la République.

“It has been three days since he was subjected to threats and other treatments that say he will be arrested and taken where they want to take him. The comrade has just been humiliated in front of his children and his wife, taken as a vulgar, thrown in a vehicle “, explains John Padou, the party’s youth reporter.

According to a press release from the Ensemble pour la République, it was the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) that arrested around 9 on Sunday. On the same day, she had just released two employees of Jacky Ndala who were arrested on Saturday night by unknown men, the statement says. Came on board four vehicles, two of which had license plates from the Republic presidency on which the ANR falls.

The party claims that the two employees were tortured before they were released. We know that Jacky Ndala, like most pro-Katumbi, recently took radical positions against the bill that could remove the former governor of Katanga from the 2023 presidential election.

Another sign of distrust of the presidential camp: Moïse Moni Della, a relative of Moïse Katumbi, appointed censor at the Multimodal Freight Management Office (OGEFREM) by the Minister of Transport, declined the offer. To justify his refusal, he mentioned the obscene bill supported by part of the Holy Union ”. A support that he regards as an “attempt to destabilize” Moise Katumbi.


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