Abdou Karim Meckassoua discreetly left Bangui

In Bangui, the resignation of the former president of the National Assembly is very noticeable. This information from Jeune Afrique was confirmed by RFI. Abdou Karim Meckassoua left Bangui this Sunday, August 15, with the utmost discretion, confirming his entourage. The latter, dismissed from his post as president of the National Assembly 2018, was deprived of his status as deputy on Wednesday, August 11th.

His entourage confirms that the former president of the National Assembly has left Bangui. He joined Congo-Brazzaville to reach Paris. If the official reason from some of his relatives is the desire to rest, other members of his entourage arouse fear for his safety and a possible arrest. “The real reason was his safety. He had a lot of harassment, I think he avoided it narrowly, we say on condition of anonymity.

After the appeal of his opponent to the legislative election, the Constitutional Court deposed Meckassoua his position as an alternate, which in practice deprives him of his parliamentary immunity. The decision was based in particular on the report by UN experts from June, which “highlights the relations between Abdou Karim Meckassoua and the armed groups”. When questioned by UN experts, Meckassoua denied that he was involved in the CPC.

The Constitutional Court’s decision is also based on a notice on legal proceedings for special involvement in undermining state security. The lawyer for the former member of PK5 stated last week that he was preparing potential legal action. Abdou Karim Meckassoua was inaccessible this Tuesday night.


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