a Republican dialogue, for what?

In the Central African Republic, the Republican dialogue promised by President Touadéra for more than a year should begin on Monday, March 21, in Bangui. During one week, 450 participants who will represent the “living forces of the nation” will debate on major themes such as security, justice, good governance or development. Armed groups are excluded from this consultation, which therefore brings together power, the opposition and civil society. In terms of form, the organization of the dialogue seems far advanced, but in terms of content, the goals and the concrete results that are expected are still a bit vague.

with our correspondent in Bangui, Carol Valade

The purpose of this dialogue: “to reflect together on the evil that afflicts our society”, sums up the chairman of the Preparatory Committee, Obed Namsion, with a priority for the Prime Minister, “to put an end to the insecurity that has prevailed for years in the country”.

“But concretely how to achieve this without talking to the rebels as the Chadians do?” Questions opponent Joseph Bendouga, who refuses him to take part in a consultation “in the form of a referendum by the head of state to change the constitution”.

“This issue is not on the agenda,” said Prime Minister Obed Namsio.

In the chancelleries, there are few illusions about the outcome of the dialogue led by a power “in a position of strength and mainly intended to satisfy the donors”, concludes a diplomat.

Maintaining dialogue is indeed part of the conditions set by the Western partners for maintaining their financial support.

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