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Al-Mishri calls for reconciliation for stability in

Libya's Supreme Leader Khalid al-Mishri called on all sides to reconcile on a constitutional basis and agree on electoral laws to pave the way for stability in the country. In a statement released by the Council's press office after a meeting with British Ambassador Caroline Hurndall on Tuesday, al-Mishri said it was crucial for all parties to reach a constitutional settlement in line with the Libyan people's demands and establish correct electoral laws. ensure free and open voting. In addition to the…

‘Haftar can not go to the president who is blocking Libya

Putschist General Khalifa Haftar is blocking a constitutional referendum in Libya because he knows he cannot run for president because of his dual citizenship, Libya's top prime minister said on Tuesday. Speaking to journalists in the capital Tripoli, Khalid al-Mishri pointed to an article from the draft constitution that those with dual citizenship could not be candidates for the presidency. Haftar has both Libyan and American citizenship, which excludes him from Libya's future political landscape.…

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