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Tiegoum Boubeye Maiga (Malian journalist): “For Modibo, that

Sixty years ago, on March 18, 1962, the Evian Agreement was signed between representatives of the French Government and those of the Provisional Government of Algeria (GPRA). The text defined the conditions for Algeria's independence and put an end to almost eight years of decolonization war. A conflict that had consequences in neighboring countries, especially in Mali, where then-President Modibo Keïta had supported the Algerian national liberation front. Our guest is the Malian journalist Tiegoum Boubeye Maïga.

Ben Wilson Ngassan: “Digital facilitates” access to “the

In the Central African Republic, the Oubangui editions are organizing a literary fair in the capital on March 7-14 with young Central Africans. The challenge is to get young people interested in reading, but also in writing. Ben Wilson Ngassan is the author and promoter of this show. He is a guest of Rolf Steve Domia Leu Bohoula

Charles Blé Goudé (Ivory Coast): “I try

His release was confirmed by the International Criminal Court in late March, along with former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo. Charles Blé Goudé, who is still in the Netherlands, is now waiting to return to Côte d 'Ivory. What formalities does he have to complete before returning? What does the founder of the COJEP party look like in recent events in the Ivorian political scene? Charles Blé Goudé is our guest this morning.…

To the historian A. Dingammadji: “Hissène Habré was on

He ruled Chad from 1982 to 1990, but it was in Senegal that Hissène Habré died yesterday, Tuesday, August 24, at the age of 79. He was serving a life sentence there, after being convicted of crimes against humanity in 2016 by the extraordinary African chambers. Our guest this morning is the Chadian historian Arnaud Dingammadji, who was also an expert on the Extraordinary African Chambers (CAE), during…

André Lye Yoka: “The history of the Congolese rumba is one

By introducing the Congolese rumba to the intangible heritage of mankind, this is the desire, the will of two neighboring states: Congo-Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic of Congo. André Lye Yoka, Professor at the National Institute of the Arts in Kinshasa, is one of the two co-chairs of the Joint Committee that presented this candidacy to Unesco. The decision will be made at the end of the year. Professor Yoka is a guest of Guillaume Thibault. .

Sahel: “Jihadist groups do not have the same capacity

The Sahelian countries, affected by the jihadist phenomenon, are closely following the situation and recent events in Afghanistan, where the Taliban took control last weekend. Part of the population fears that the Afghan scenario will be repeated in their own country. However, the two situations are different, although there are also points of convergence. As? We've talking about it this morning with Jean-Hervé Jézéquel, Head of the Sahel Project at the International Crisis Group (ICG). He is a guest of Magali Lagrange.…

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