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fifty years ago “Mar Verde”, the Portuguese attack on Conakry

On November 22, 1970, Guinea's fate almost changed. The declining Portuguese empire is in difficulty on its current Guinea-Bissau territory. Lisbon will try its best to organize a lightning attack outside its borders for the first time in its history and in the greatest secrecy. Objective: to overthrow the regime of Sékou Touré, the main supporter of the PAIGC's insurgency. The coup failed in part, but in 1971 triggered the greatest…

about fifty jihadists killed in an operation by the Barkhane force

French Military Minister Florence Parly visited Bamako for a few hours on Monday 2 November. She met the new Malian authorities. The French minister announced that Paris is continuing with Bamako the fight against terrorism, a fight against terrorism that is recording results. In late October, about fifty jihadists were killed in the north, the French minister said.…

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