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Boosting Counter-terrorism Strategies: Somali Army Commander Collaborates with US Special Forces Leader

Brigadier General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyadin, head of the Somali National Army, convened with Colonel David Haskell from the US Special Forces. According to reports from the Somali news agency (SONNA), discussions revolved around boosting counter-terrorism initiatives. At the meeting, the Somali army leader sought assistance from US forces for an upcoming military mission targeting the Al-Shabaab group affiliated with Al-Qaeda, as per SONNA.

Exclusive: ‘We do not accept US drone strikes inside Kenya,’ warns President Kenyatta

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 during an official visit to France, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta discussed the biggest challenges facing him. Asked about the fight against terrorism, the Kenyan leader denied that the US military has sought permission to carry out drone strikes inside Kenya. He stressed that if such a request was made, he would reject it. Kenyatta also addressed the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenya's economic development, as well as an attempt to dissolve parliament due to gender inequality. In an…

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