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OP-ED: Somalia’s Darkest Hours: How Farmajo Almost Collapsed FGS

We all know that Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo (President of Somalia from February 16, 2017 to February 8, 2021) failed politically, diplomatically, economically and internally in Somalia throughout his keep at Villa Somalia (Somali White House). Like most Somalis, I used to be delighted to have Farmaajo as the brand new president after 4 years and 4 months of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's tumultuous stunts on the Villa. What makes Farmajo very harmful in comparison with the remainder of the failed Somali presidents is his…

How Djibouti’s relationship with Somalia practically collapsed within the face of Kenya’s

NAIROBI, Kenya - Aden Hassan Aden is leaving Somalia after a rather smooth but difficult stint as Ambassador of Djibouti, which has almost strained relations between the two sister nations, which share almost historic socio-economic and political fortunes. Last week, Aden Hassan Aden bade farewell to Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Gulaid, ending his tenure, in which Somalia nearly severed ties with your small country in the Horn of Africa, whose influence is growing rapidly in the…

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