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Augustin Senghor: “CAF suffers from structural control problems”

It is one of the most important positions of power on the African continent. On March 12, 2021, the next president of the African African Confederation (CAF) will be elected. After Fifa ousted outgoing President Ahmad Ahmad, four candidates are on the way. Augustin Senghor is one of them. A lawyer at Dakar Bar, he has been chairman of the Senegalese Football Association for more than ten years. Online from the island of Gorée, the city where he is mayor, Uncle Léopold Senghor's uncle answers questions from RFI. .

complaint against Augustin Kabuya, UDPS Secretary General, Presidential Party

In the morning, I said this: the agreement between the FCC and Cach is not a refuge to protect all perpetrators of crime in our country. I mentioned the case of Fidèle Bazana , by Floribert Chebeya , by Thérèse Kapangala , by Rossy Mukendi and Maluku mass grave . This is encouragement to hate. This is the population's tension for violence. As for the Minister of Finance, ten days ago, he had to jointly sign an order with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And the Prime Minister had already…

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