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Ethiopia says it should lead the 2nd section of

March 22 is World Water Day. Some experts predicted that the wars of the future would be wars over water. In the Horn of Africa, we are not yet talking about armed conflict, but the tone continues to rise between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. The waters of the Nile are at stake, which is at the center of an intense diplomatic struggle as Ethiopia completes the construction of its renaissance dam, the largest of its future in Africa. And she is determined not to be intimidated by Sudan and Egypt. Ethiopia will complete the…

empty chairman of UST and opposition parties at the 2nd National Inclusive Forum

In Chad, the second inclusive national forum convened by the government from 29 to 31 October to examine the constitution adopted in May 2018 is not unanimous. Several opposition political parties and the largest trade union center, UST, believe that this forum will only legitimize power without solving the real problems of the peoples. with our correspondent in Ndjamena, Most opposition political parties and some civil society associations indicate that the forum will not be inclusive because participation is not open…

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