“Zimbabwe besieged by an onslaught of labyrinthine ‘traditional’ roadblocks in lead up to the impending general elections!”

Warning To Us Embassy In Harare: Accusations Of 'meddling' In Zimbabwe!

In the midst of a tangle of obstacles, Zimbabwe is facing general elections. The challenging circumstances involve a failing economy, lawfare, and a shrinking civic space.

Moreover, propaganda, an electoral body fraught with criticism, and disinformation have further complicated the forthcoming polls. To speed up the electoral process, Zanu-PF endeavours to enact the Patriotic Bill and Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill before the elections. Unfortunately, journalists from both state and independent news organisations claim they are unable to fulfil their duties in anticipation of the polls.

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Despite having three months to persuade Zimbabweans to vote for them, political parties are confronted with a barrage of uncertainties. If a run-off occurs, it will take place on 2 October.

Various think tanks anticipate a close race between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his most robust contender, Nelson Chamisa of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). As per the US institution Fitch Solutions, Mnangagwa may have the upper hand due to the ruling party’s access to state machinery and resources.

Many surveys predict the elections, while not free or fair, will likely be marked by violent episodes. Unsurprisingly, the outcome will probably leave Zimbabwe’s floundering economy in even more turmoil.

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