Xavi on Ceuta clash: ‘We are at our best’

Xavi On Ceuta Clash: 'we Are At Our Best'

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez speaks to the media during the Copa del Rey pre-match against Ceuta. “The Copa del Rey is just one game and it can get complicated,” he said.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez gave a press conference ahead of the Copa del Rey game against Ceuta. The coach admitted that his players are at their best but they can’t be complacent or lose sight of it.

The coach says his main goal is to win titles after winning the Spanish Super Cup last Sunday. However, he also said his side didn’t feel liberated after the win: “I don’t feel liberated. I feel pressure for the Copa del Rey, La Liga, the Europa League… We are Barça. I suffer a lot but I enjoy it.”

Moreover, Xavi Hernandez has apologized to coach Jose Juan Romero for underestimating Ceuta when he said Barcelona were very lucky in the draw: “Copa del Rey is only a game and it can get complicated. I didn’t want to be disrespectful. I also played at this level and I have a lot of respect for Ceuta, their coach and their fans.”

Xavi doesn’t want any surprises like in the match against Intercity, so he can count on his entire squad: “Ronald Araujo will rest, maybe another player. For the rest, we go to Ceuta to compete. We can We can be knocked out tomorrow, so we have to be fully focused,” he concluded.