Live: Ukrainian companies hit hard by Russian strikes but vow to carry on

Blackouts due to massive Russian strikes in Kyiv this week have hit the Ukrainian economy hard, but business owners are not giving up even as a brutal winter sets in, Axadle’s correspondent in the Ukrainian capital said. Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko has called for more Western aid to help boost reconstruction costs after the latest Russian escalation. Follow our coverage of the war in Ukraine. All times are Stockholm time (GMT+1).

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07:39: Power outages cause ‘big headache’ for business owners

Reporting from Kyiv, Axadle’s Gulliver Cragg says this week’s massive Russian offensive in western Ukraine has crippled the country’s economy. But business leaders are determined to mount an economic resistance.

03:51 File photo of restaurant workers using lights from their mobile phones at work in Kyiv, Ukraine, taken on November 17, 2022. © John Leicester, AP 07:12: More than 15,000 missing due to war in Ukraine, intergovernmental organization says

More than 15,000 people have disappeared during the war in Ukraine, an official at the Kyiv office of the Hague-based International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) said.

ICMP Europe program director Matthew Holliday said it was unclear how many people who had been forcibly displaced, detained in Russia, were alive and separated from family members, or had died and been buried in makeshift graves.

06:01: Ukraine’s finance minister says reconstruction costs are rising

Ukraine’s Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko has said more Western aid is needed to help the country meet its growing reconstruction costs after this week’s escalation of Russian missile attacks.

The World Bank estimated in August that it would take $105 billion to repair Ukraine’s physical infrastructure, but Marchenko said the figure was rising.

Marchenko added that current Western aid meant “we will have about $3 to $3.5 billion a month versus $5 billion this year,” which should be enough to keep the government running.

Some senior European officials have estimated that rebuilding Ukraine after the war, which entered its tenth month on Thursday, is likely to cost more than a trillion euros.

01:06: Britain’s foreign secretary promises additional winter aid during Ukraine’s visit

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will pledge millions of pounds in additional aid to Kyiv during a visit to Ukraine to ensure the country has the practical help it needs during the winter, his office said.

Cleverly, who is due to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on the trip, also condemned Russia for its “brutal attacks” on civilians, hospitals and energy infrastructure.

“Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine,” Cleverly said, as he committed £3m to help rebuild vital infrastructure and committed a further £5m to a Ukraine-led initiative to ship grain to countries at risk of starvation.

(Axadle with AFP, AP and Reuters)

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