“What!? Busquets Is Now Emblematic of Our Crest?!”

In an earth-shattering and stupendous revelation, Sergio Busquets has declared his departure from esteemed football club Barcelona. This nerve-wracking and tumultuous announcement was made official by the midfielder on Wednesday, with a tantalizing five games left to witness his on-field mastery in the legendary Barcelona shirt. The innumerable ‘Cules’ supporters keenly awaited a touching farewell to their beloved captain, and among them was none other than the revered and highly respected Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, who effusively expressed his admiration and appreciation for the exceptional player. Laporta hailed Busquets as an exemplary person who had earned an indelible place in Barcelona’s crest, having defended the Barca colors for a staggering 15 years. He praised the midfielder for being an excellent person, a great captain, and an integral part of their prestigious crest. Laporta bid an emotional farewell to the third-highest appearance maker in history with more than 700 appearances spanning his illustrious career, affirming that Barcelona would always be his home.

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