Warning to US embassy in Harare: Accusations of ‘meddling’ in Zimbabwe!

Warning To Us Embassy In Harare: Accusations Of 'meddling' In Zimbabwe!

In light of the upcoming general elections in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean government has summoned a senior US diplomat stationed in Harare for what they deem to be “unacceptable” behavior.

This stern reaction follows a tweet by the US embassy in Harare that encouraged Zimbabweans to register to vote and use their voice peacefully.

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The Zimbabwean government took offense to this message and stated, via spokesperson George Charamba, that “matters could come to a head, including disallowing American observer teams.”

On Tuesday, Rofina Chikava, acting secretary for foreign affairs and international trade, summoned Chargé d’affaires Elaine French to discuss the issue. During the meeting, Chikava implored the Americans to not post political messages out of respect for diplomatic etiquette, citing the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

The ministry spokesperson, Livit Mugejo, went so far as to say that the social media posts were “bordering on activism and meddling in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.”

While waiting for the election date, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa believes that Zanu-PF is afraid of the impending change that is certain to come.

Zimbabwe will be heading to the polls to vote for local government officials, parliamentarians, senators, and a president, making for a high-stakes election.

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