“Wait, what!? Joao Felix claims he’s not good?!”

"chelsea In Talks With Atletico Madrid Over Joao Felix? Say What?!"

Benfica’s prodigious youth team coach, Rodrigo Magalhaes, left football enthusiasts’ jaws on the floor during his appearance as a guest on the Portuguese Football Federation podcast where he spoke in great detail about the astonishing Joao Felix. Magalhaes narrated how the football star was ridden with self-doubt early on in his career, despite beginning at none other than Benfica.

The must-listen-to podcast aired the revelation that Atletico only purchased the striker for a heaping 120 million euros but was shipped off to Chelsea on loan in the winter transfer window, due to not performing as expected under the management of Simeone.

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Magalhaes further said that the Portuguese icon had doubts about his playing abilities before his breakthrough, which came as a shock to many. He emphasized that the football star wasn’t even eligible for the national team until the U18s and lacked the backing of any brand or significant contracts that his peers had. Magalhaes explained in a dramatic tone how Felix felt that other players had managers and signed more lucrative contracts than he ever could.

Finally, the gritty player’s hard work and dedication ultimately paid off, resulting in his massive breakthrough. But, as Magalhaes noted, this has only put additional pressure on Joao Felix today.

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