VIDEO: Gavi’s Helmet: The Reason Behind It

Video: Gavi's Helmet: The Reason Behind It

Spanish midfielder Gavi of FC Barcelona sustained an injury to his ear during a match against Osasuna. Despite the severity of the injury, Gavi managed to complete the game.

During the match, Osasuna’s Ruben Garcia accidentally struck Gavi in the ear while attempting to dribble past him. This resulted in blood staining Gavi’s shirt, and he received treatment from the medical team. After a brief period on the sidelines, Gavi returned to the field with his ear secured by three staples.

Due to the ongoing healing process, Gavi is now required to wear a protective helmet while training with the Spanish national team. This precaution ensures that his ear injury is properly protected. Take a look at Gavi’s new appearance with the helmet.

[Link to tweet with image of Gavi wearing the helmet – September 5, 2023]