VIDEO: Casemiro – “Our High Regard for Diniz Comparable to National Team Coach for Upcoming World Cup”

Video: Casemiro - "our High Regard For Diniz Comparable To National Team Coach For Upcoming World Cup"

During a press conference, Casemiro, the midfielder for Manchester United and the Brazilian national team, spoke about his focus on his current role with Fernando Diniz. When asked about Carlo Ancelotti, Casemiro expressed his respect for Diniz and compared their relationship to that of a coach and player during the World Cup.

There have been rumors connecting the current Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, to the Brazilian national team. The press wanted to hear Casemiro’s opinion on this matter, considering his previous experience playing under Ancelotti at Madrid.

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Additionally, Casemiro was questioned about Ancelotti’s coaching abilities, to which he responded that the Italian coach is highly skilled and accomplished. For the exact words Casemiro used during the press conference, please refer to the Twitter link below.

[September 7, 2023](

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