VIDEO: Arteta’s admiration for Declan Rice following dramatic victory against Man United

Video: Arteta's Admiration For Declan Rice Following Dramatic Victory Against Man United

Witness the electrifying scenes between Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and the match-winning superstar Declan Rice following their triumphant 3-1 victory over Manchester United in September 2023.

Arteta made his way onto the pitch to join the exultation of the monumental win alongside Arsenal’s prized acquisition, Declan Rice, whose tremendous impact has left Arteta overjoyed. Rice, who joined the Gunners in a staggering £105 million transfer deal during the summer transfer window, has swiftly become a linchpin in Arteta’s grand scheme.

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The young English international’s exceptional talent and prowess as a defensive midfielder have already earned him a crucial role within the team. Despite his tender age of 24, Rice has showcased his brilliance in four Premier League matches this season, further solidifying his indispensability. Astonishingly, he has already secured his first title with the Gunners as they overcame Manchester City to claim the illustrious Community Shield under Arteta’s stewardship.

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September 4, 2023

Sit back, watch, and savor the glory as Arteta and Rice forge an indomitable partnership that promises to repaint the landscape of English football.

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