Veiga’s Relocation to Saudi Arabia: A Family-Centric Decision Rooted in Understanding

Veiga's Relocation To Saudi Arabia: A Family-centric Decision Rooted In Understanding

Real Madrid player Dani Carvajal is set to be interviewed on the ‘Movistar+’ program ‘Universo Valdano’. In a brief preview, Carvajal expressed his support for Gabri Veiga’s decision to move to Saudi Arabia, as he understands that Veiga wants to provide for and assist his family.

The emergence of Saudi Arabia in the transfer market has had a significant impact. Many footballers have decided to embark on this new journey, primarily motivated by the substantial financial rewards.

Interestingly, it’s not just seasoned players who have made this move, but also young and promising talents. One such player, Gabri Veiga, who previously played for Celta and the Spanish national team, has signed with Al Ahli, generating much discussion and criticism about his choice.

However, there have been voices supporting Veiga, including Dani Carvajal. In an interview for the ‘Movistar+’ program ‘Universo Valdano’, Carvajal shared his viewpoint, stating, “I completely understand him. When I went to Germany, I signed a five-year contract and the first thing I did was buy a house for my parents. Ultimately, it’s a means of providing economic support, and if you can assist your family…”.

Carvajal further emphasized the need to understand Veiga’s perspective, pointing out that while the young player could have joined Napoli and earned a substantial amount, there’s always the risk of injury or a career not panning out as desired. It’s a situation that can be easily understood, according to the Real Madrid player.

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