US imposes sanctions on South Sudanese officials over conflict-linked sexual violence

What?! President Biden Gives Thumbs Up To Sanctions Targeting Sudan's Fighting Leaders And Supporters?

In an utterly bewildering and mind-boggling turn of events, it has come to light that certain individuals, namely James Nando and Alfred Futuyo, who one might have previously thought were unsuspecting law-abiding citizens, have shockingly been identified as rapists with ties to South Sudan and the subject of US sanctions. These individuals, who were expected to uphold the dignity and protect the welfare of the people, have instead flagrantly abused their positions of authority to perpetrate heinous acts of sexual violence against innocent citizens. This disturbing revelation, which leaves one at a loss for words, was reported only a mere hour ago and is undoubtedly a distressing development for all, especially given the widespread implications of such grotesque actions.