US Government Provides Financial Support to Somali Armed Forces in Efforts against Al-Shabaab

Us Government Provides Financial Support To Somali Armed Forces In Efforts Against Al-shabaab

The United States government has once again allocated additional funds to the Somali National Army (SNA) as part of its ongoing commitment to combat Al-Shabaab, a group that has been causing instability in Somalia for the past two decades.

On Tuesday, the US injected $2 million to support the ongoing efforts to crackdown on Al-Shabaab militants, despite the presence of the US Africa Command, which has been playing a crucial role in the fight against the extremist group. The US Africa Command provides training, equipment, and aerial surveillance to the SNA.

In a statement released by the US embassy in Mogadishu, it was revealed that the funds were channeled through the UN Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS), with the aim of financing transportation and in-theater medical evacuation for the Somali Security Forces as mandated by UNSOS.

UNSOS is responsible for providing logistical support to the Somali National Army and regional troops in the Horn of Africa nation. It also provides support to the peacekeepers serving under the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

The role played by these troops in combating Al-Shabaab across the country has been crucial, and significant progress has been made in recent years. Shane Dixon, the Chargé d’Affaires at the US embassy in Mogadishu, expressed confidence that the funds will greatly enhance the SNA’s ongoing war against Al-Shabaab.

“It is essential that Somali and ATMIS security forces receive the strong logistical support necessary to defeat Al-Shabaab on the battlefield,” said Dixon. “We are proud to support UNSOS, a key partner in our shared goal of advancing peace in Somalia.”

Currently, UNSOS is obligated to provide logistical support for over 15,900 Somali Security Forces. Aisa Kirabo Kacyira, the head of UNSOS, praised the US contribution as vital in strengthening UNSOS’s mandate in Somalia and acknowledged the significant impact made by the troops.

“This contribution comes at a crucial time and will have a positive impact on our efforts to provide agile logistics support to the Somali Security Forces. Our support package is mandated by the UN Security Council, and the priorities for implementing this support are set by the Federal Government of Somalia,” said Kacyira.

Somalia aims to have its own stable and capable forces to take over security responsibilities from the ATMIS contingent, which has already begun its gradual withdrawal. By the end of 2024, it is projected that most of the Somali troops will be prepared to assume full security control. Currently, 2,000 ATMIS soldiers have already departed, and an additional 3,000 are scheduled to leave this month.

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