Unyielding Sacked Governor Vows Relentless War Against Al-Shabaab, Firmly Anchored in Position

Unyielding Sacked Governor Vows Relentless War Against Al-shabaab, Firmly Anchored In Position

BELEDWEYNE, Somalia – The recently dismissed Hiiraan Governor Ali Jeyte Osman has categorically refuted his sacking as mere “hot air” and “baseless” in a rather perplexing and enigmatic response to the surprising announcement made by HirShabelle leader Ali Gudlawe Hussein on Saturday. The removal from office occurred without any specific details, leaving many bewildered.

In an unexpected turn of events, Gudlawe, who had previously shown support for the governor, dismissed him abruptly, a decision strongly criticized by security experts who argue that it was entirely unwarranted. Gudlawe has been struggling to establish authority within the state, comprising of the Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan regions.

During an interview, Jeyte confidently asserted that he remained in full control of the region, even entertaining the idea that Hiiraan might contemplate “seceding” from HirShabelle state in order to gain more political autonomy and freedom to conduct affairs. Furthermore, he issued a stern warning to anyone affiliated with HirShabelle state against setting foot in Beledweyne.

Osman declared, with a clear burst of defiance, “No individual from HirShabelle administration is permitted in Hiran. We have halted all air and ground travel and will redirect any planes that dare to defy our orders.” He emphasized, “I command the complete authority over this region, and our unwavering determination to liberate it shall not be deterred.”

Additively, Governor Ali Jeyte Osman proposed the secession of the Hiran region from Hirshabelle State, transforming it into a distinct and independent entity referred to as “Hiran State.” This audacious move has the potential to ignite conflicts within the volatile Horn of Africa nation.

The governor, with his distinctive style, has been an influential figure in the ongoing battle against Al-Shabaab and expressed his unwavering commitment to persisting with the war. He affirmed his unwavering resolve to leave no stone unturned until the militants are utterly eradicated from the country. Notably, he has been actively mobilizing clan militia against Al-Shabaab.

As per the current constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia, it is permitted for two or more regions to form a State. Hirshabelle presently encompasses the Middle Shabelle and Hiran regions. Jeyte reiterated that his region had never been content with the merger to begin with, emphasizing that this served as their primary motivation.

Evidently, his dismissal comes at a critical juncture, just prior to the Somali National Army, in collaboration with international partners, embarking on the second phase of operations against Al-Shabaab, targeting Jubaland and Southwest. The initial phase primarily focused on HirShabelle and Galmadug, where Jeyte played a pivotal role.