“Unfathomable Twist! Benfica Craves Unal’s Signature Through Nunez’s Ambiguous Plan!”

Benfica is on the hunt for La Liga talent once again, setting their sights on Getafe’s star striker Enes Unal. This formidable player has been crucial to the Spanish side’s success, having 15 goals under his belt from 36 matches. However, the team is currently embroiled in a heated battle to stay afloat in La Liga next season.

The stakes are high as Real Betis is also vying for Unal’s signature, but Benfica looks to be leading the charge. The Portuguese team is seemingly ready to flex its financial muscles and dish out a minimum of 20 million euros to secure the services of this 26-year-old sensation. Still, Getafe won’t budge easily as Unal’s buyout clause is a hefty 40 million euros, and his contract with the club extends until 2025.

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Benfica’s previous success with Darwin Nunez, who is currently with Liverpool, has undoubtedly influenced their decision to take a similar approach with Unal. Needless to say, Benfica’s fanbase is eagerly awaiting the outcome of this intriguing pursuit.

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