Unbelievable! Woman Foils Al-Shabaab Attack in Somalia and is Rewarded a Whopping $10,000!

Do you comprehend the recent news out of Somalia that details the brave actions of a woman who refused to allow Al-Shabaab militants to use her home as a launchpad for their attacks against the Somali National Army? The Somali government has rightly rewarded her patriotism with a generous cash prize of $10,000. The Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre, praised her actions as heroic and urged other Somalis to follow in her footsteps by standing up to the extremist group. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has previously encouraged citizens to join the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Reports state that Mama Farhiyo prevented a potentially devastating attack in Mogadishu’s Kahda District by denying the militants access to her home. As Al-Shabaab often launches its attacks from enclosed areas or populated zones, Farhiyo’s actions were indeed courageous. The Prime Minister has also ordered the local government to repair her home which was destroyed by the militants, and he will provide medical treatment for those who sustained injuries.

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Local militia groups have now had enough of the extremist group and are actively supporting government forces against them. The US Africa Command estimates that there are still up to 7,000 active Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia, though the number is believed to have decreased following the successful first phase of operations against the group, which reportedly resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 militants.

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