Unbelievable! Ukraine to provide Africa with embassies and grain in a counter move against Russia’s influence

Unbelievable! Ukraine To Provide Africa With Embassies And Grain In A Counter Move Against Russia's Influence

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba delivered a discourse regarding his nation’s approach to counter Russia’s influence in Africa.

However, Kuleba has no indication of the proposal that African leaders plan to initiate to establish peace between the two nations.

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The discourse conveyed that Ukraine will proceed with opening ten new embassies on the continent, starting with Rwanda and Mozambique, along with enhancing military relations and boosting agricultural exports to Africa.

Kuleba emphasized that Ukraine desires to build strong partnerships based on the principle of 3M – mutual respect, mutual interest, and mutual benefit. The speech comes after Ukraine articulated its concern regarding Russia’s support from some African nations and the indecision of others. Kuleba remains enigmatic on the topic of African leaders from six countries visiting Moscow and Kyiv to seek peace between Ukraine and Russia.

Putin stated he would meet the delegation soon, though a date hasn’t been set yet. While Ukraine is willing to host the African leaders, any proposal must respect the country’s territorial integrity and cannot demand an instant cease-fire.

The conflict has adversely impacted African nations, as the cost of their wheat and fertilizer imports has increased since both warring nations are crucial suppliers of these commodities.

Kuleba stated that Ukraine is working toward ensuring the volume of exported Ukrainian grain keeps growing despite any obstacles, specifically Russia, which is the only obstacle at present.

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