“Unbelievable! Two GSU personnel injured in a chaotic and sudden gun attack with potential ties to terrorism in Rhamu, Mandera”

Hello readers, it is my distinct pleasure to share with you this perplexing and bursty piece of news that transpired in Rhamu, Mandera County just recently. You won’t believe what happened!

Apparently, there was an ambush that took place in which two police officers ended up getting injured. This tragic event occurred on May 13th, Saturday, and the perpetrators were believed to be al-Shabaab militants. Can you imagine the sheer terror and mayhem that these officers must have gone through?

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The assailants ambushed the vehicles that were carrying 25 General Service Units, which were heading to Mandera from Nairobi. It all went down around 4 am at Isaqora area along Rhamu-Elwak road. Both sides of the road were sprayed with bullets from the heinous attackers, and the two vehicles (a land cruiser and a lorry) were left riddled with bullet holes.

Although the other officers jumped off the moving vehicles and miraculously escaped unscathed, two of their fellow officers were not as lucky. They suffered injuries to their legs and hands respectively. This is beyond disheartening!

What’s more alarming is that this is the latest in a series of attacks, with a previous one taking place on May 1st. Six of the GSU officers were injured after their vehicle ran over an Improvised Explosive Device in Rhamu area, Mandera County. Two of the officers were critically injured, and they were all rushed to a hospital, amid plans for evacuation to Nairobi. It is believed that al-Shabaab militants or their sympathizers were behind this evil deed.

The security agencies are investigating the matter since such attacks can’t happen without locals’ knowledge. The area is near the Kenya-Somalia border, which has proven to be a weak point that terrorists exploit to attack and escape back to their hideouts.

This is not news to the region’s locals, who’ve been urged to work with the security agencies to tame the trend. It’s of utmost importance to tame this crisis since there are fears that al-Shabaab might be planning another attack after a long lull. Various explosive devices have been planted in areas used by the security agencies, proving how dire the situation is.

Kenyan troops are in Somalia pursuing and suppressing terrorist activities, but it’s high time the locals get more involved in this fight. The terrorists have been attacking places in the region, mainly in Mandera and Garissa counties, and it’s about time we put a stop to it.

Stay safe and vigilant, everyone!

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