“Unbelievable Turn of Events: Northern Somalia Education Commissioner Joins the SCC-Khatumo Movement”

On Wednesday May 10, 2023, a shocking turn of events occurred in Las Anod (AX), as Dahir Mohamed Ahmed, Northern Somalia’s commissioner of education for the Sool region, surrendered to the SCC-Khatumo movement.

Joined by traditional elders, militaristic officers, and Las Anod’s mayor Abdihakin Ali Ismail, Ahmed declared his participation in the struggle for freedom among the Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn people to reunite with the federal government.

He proclaimed, “I have returned to my region. Thank you for the beautiful way you welcomed me. I will participate in the struggle to liberate the region.”

The mayor, Abdihakim Ali Ismael, beseeched Ahmed to wage war against Northern Somalia’s government, citing their alleged slaughter of civilians and their encroachment upon regions.

He stated, “Welcome to the students you have been leading, divided into three parts. One part was destroyed by the Somali administration, a mass grave, and the third part stood to defend their regions. Today, those welcoming you are the students who stand to fight against Northern Somalia.”

He further pledged that the SCC-Khatumo forces would assemble a fierce combat plan to end the conflict with Northern Somalia.

The defection of military commander Abdi Madobe and his troops to the SCC-Khatumo troops caused increased tension between Northern Somalia and the latter militia in the Sool region last week. Madobe expressed his gratitude to the defected commander and his troops for their support.

Since the SCC’s declaration on February 5 that they would no longer recognize the Northern Somalia Administration, a surge of heavy fighting has persisted due to territorial disputes and political disagreements.

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