[Unbelievable!] Shocking news: Two law enforcement officers tragically lose their lives and 12 others sustain injuries in Mandera assault

[unbelievable!] Shocking News: Two Law Enforcement Officers Tragically Lose Their Lives And 12 Others Sustain Injuries In Mandera Assault

On Wednesday June 7, 2023, a fateful incident occurred that left a community reeling with shock and disbelief. Two brave police officers lost their lives while on duty, while 12 others sustained varying degrees of injuries. This heinous crime took place in the remote Mandera County where suspected militants waylaid them while they were travelling from Rhamu to Mandera Town. The ambush took place at Jabi, an area located approximately 40 kilometers from Mandera town.

The situation was dire as seven of the officers sustained critical injuries, while five escaped with minor injuries after the unexpected attack. The truck that they were travelling in, attached to Mandera Police Station, was also carrying some essential foodstuffs, adding to the already harrowing situation. Needless to say, the situation rapidly deteriorated leading to the loss of two precious lives, while the injured 12 were rushed to Rhamu Sub-County Hospital.

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The police report filed at the Rhamu Police Station revealed the devastating extent of the injuries sustained by the officers. Gunshot wounds and lodged bullets painted a vivid and distressing picture. The terrorists used lethal weapons and firepower, showering the lorry with unrelenting bullets as the driver looked to flee the perilous scene. Unfortunately, such stoppage was not forthcoming, and the officers were taken by surprise and subjugated, making the attackers escape with ease.

The North Eastern Regional Police Commander, Rono Bunei revealed that a manhunt was underway to bring the perpetrators of this heinous act to justice. The community is in shock, and loved ones of the fallen officers are still reeling from the shock of their loss. This incident highlights the fragility of life and the dangers our law enforcement officers face daily while serving and protecting us.

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