“Unbelievable! Mogadishu Welcomes Another Set of Quadruplets in Less Than 60 Days!”

It is Tuesday May 16, 2023, and astonishing news has come out of Mogadishu. Against all odds, Farhiya Hussein Ali, a resident of the city, has given birth to quadruplets at the Benadir Hospital. This remarkable event marks the second time in under two months that this hospital has overseen such a rare occurrence; Mariam Mohamed Hassan also delivered quadruplets in late March. Though these births are exceptional, they stand as a testament to the strength of Somali women.

As we know, the chances of giving birth to quadruplets are incredibly slim – occurring in only 1 in 700,000 pregnancies. Twins are the most common form of multiple births, constituting 90% of all cases, with the remaining 10% allocated to triplets, quadruplets, and even higher multiples.

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Ali and her newborns are confirmed to be in good health by Benadir Hospital’s doctors. Although giving birth to multiple babies is rare, it is more likely when there is a family history and genetic predisposition towards hyperovulation.

There have been several instances of remarkable births in Somalia, including Halima Mohamed, an internally displaced mother who gave birth to quadruplets in 2012. Even rarer was the occurrence in 2020 when a quintuplet birth took place at the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Training and Research Hospital in Mogadishu.

The medical team at Benadir Hospital has issued an impassioned plea to the public to extend their support to Ali and her babies. This latest quadruplet birth is yet another cause for Mogadishu to celebrate.

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