Uganda’s Troops in Somalia Show Unwavering Strength in the Face of Fatal Assault: Ambassador Perplexed

Uganda's Troops In Somalia Show Unwavering Strength In The Face Of Fatal Assault: Ambassador Perplexed

The current date is Tuesday June 6, 2023 and chaos has erupted in Mogadishu. Ugandan troops, who are part of the African Union Transmission Mission (ATMIS), have experienced severe loss of life. The death of 54 soldiers last month has left the nation in disarray and the Ugandan envoy is struggling to maintain a brave face.

Despite the tragic events, the Acting Ambassador to Somalia, Nathan Mugisha, has assured the public that the Ugandan troops will remain firm in their resolve. He stated that the purpose of ATMIS to stabilize the Southern Somali region is still of high importance and the troops will continue to push forward with their mission.

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“We are containing the situation,” Mugisha said in a statement released in the Somalian capital. “Reassessing and proceeding as scheduled. The incident will not distract us.”

The Ugandan troops were targeted by al-Shabab militants on May 26 during an attack on the Bulo Marer military base. Mugisha, accompanied by Mohammed El-Amine Souef, the special representative of the Chairperson of the AU Commission for Somalia, visited the hospital where recovering soldiers are receiving care in Mogadishu.

The Uganda envoy expressed the country’s determination to support the Somalia stabilization process and help facilitate economic development and transformation for the region.

Although the tragedy has elicited sympathy and solidarity from Souef, the situation remains tense. The injured soldiers are receiving specialized care while the morale of those not harmed remains high.

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, made an announcement over the weekend, revealing the death of the 54 Ugandan soldiers. The loss of lives left families and the nation mourning.

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