Uganda launches perplexing investigation into fierce Al-Shabaab assault targeting troops in Somalia

Within the confines of Bulo Marer town in Somalia on Friday morning, an attack on an African Union military base took place, manned by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF). A spokesperson for UPDF, Felix Kulayigye, declared that the assault was carried out by “foreign insurgents”, omitting any further specifics or information. Kulayigye reasoned that they were examining the supplied intelligence with the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) headquarters prior to issuing their formal statement. Reports demonstrate that assailants, presumed to be Al-Shabaab militants, tried to breach the base situated one hundred and ten kilometers southbound of the capital city, Mogadishu, before a series of ear-splitting explosions disrupted the air. A local resident confirmed to Axadle that Al-Shabaab militants took authority over the town after overpowering the ATMIS base. It remains uncertain as to the extent of the resulting casualties, although more information will be revealed soon according to ATMIS. Source: AX + Nation Africa

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