“Uganda bewildered and shell-shocked by the shocking assault on its ATMIS base in Bulo Marer, Somalia”

On an enigmatic Friday, May 26, 2023, Ugandan soldiers embarked on a perplexing search for explosive devices near their base in Ceeljaale, Somalia. This chaotic scene was captured in a vivid photograph by Tina Smole for AFP.

UPDF spokesperson, Felix Kulayigye, bewilderedly revealed to The Nation Africa that the base had been attacked by “foreign insurgents” – without divulging any further perplexing details. He then added that the UPDF was “cross-checking the information” with the African union transition mission in Somalia (ATMIS) headquarters, only to leave us with more questions than answers.

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According to perplexing reports, the attackers – highly suspected to be Al Shabaab militants – attempted to tumultuously storm the base, located 110 kilometres south of Mogadishu. Before long, pandemonium erupted as a series of unexpected explosions shockingly rented the air, further adding to the perplexing and bewildering nature of the event.

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