Two GSU officers killed and four injured in IED attack that occurred in Garissa


IED attack in Garissa that resulted in the deaths of two General Service Unit officers on October 30, 2023
Image: Handout

In the morning of Monday, a devastating explosion caused by a remote-controlled bomb tragically took the lives of two dedicated General Service Unit officers in Dadaab, Garissa County. Additionally, four other officers sustained serious injuries in this senseless act of violence.

According to the authorities, this horrific incident occurred on the Dadaab-Garissa road near Ege Dam. The officers were en route to provide security for the ongoing national exams when they were targeted.

The explosive device caused significant damage to their vehicle. Promptly, the injured officers were rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention and admission.

A search operation was conducted in the area, but unfortunately, it yielded no results. However, prior intelligence had indicated the presence of terrorists in the vicinity, leading to an increased sense of anticipation.

Over the weekend, a joint task force comprised of multiple agencies successfully dismantled an al Shabaab logistics base in Dahun, Fafi, Garissa County. In the process, they were able to seize various essential supplies.

Among the recovered items were rice, sugar, and water, all intended for the use of these militants. Our dedicated officers destroyed the confiscated food and continued their pursuit of the terrorists operating from this base.

Upon arrival at the scene, the officers discovered that the terrorists had managed to evade capture and escape.

This recent raid marks the latest in a series of similar operations conducted in this very region over the past two weeks.

According to the authorities, this specific area has become a known hub for the logistical operations of the terrorists. They exploit its strategic location, using it as a staging ground for launching attacks and retreating afterwards.

In an ambush carried out by the police on October 17, three al Shabaab militants lost their lives in Fafi, Garissa County. The officers also discovered an assortment of food supplies in their possession.

These militants were transporting the provisions on donkey carts to a newly established makeshift location when they were caught off guard by the ambush. While three militants were killed, others managed to flee, albeit with severe injuries. The authorities were able to recover not only foodstuffs but also water and a collapsible tank.

Multi-agency forces have implemented extensive operations in the areas adjoining the Somali-Kenya border to combat the menace of the terrorists.

This incident occurred just one week after two al-Shabaab militants met their demise. They were killed when the improvised explosive device (IED) they were attempting to set up exploded prematurely in the Amuma area of Garissa County.

Authorities have repeatedly witnessed a series of attacks in this region, rendering it virtually uninhabitable.

Due to the persisting security threats, the government was compelled to postpone the planned reopening of the border, which has remained closed since 2011. These attacks are orchestrated by al Shabaab militants, exploiting the porous border to carry out their acts of violence.

On October 21, in Nguni, Mwingi, bodyguards assigned to Monica Juma, National Security Adviser to President William Ruto, bravely confronted an al Shabaab terrorist. In an exchange of gunfire, they successfully neutralized the attacker.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the deceased terrorist was part of an eight-member gang dispatched from Somalia to carry out a mission in the area.

The vigilant officers discovered a rifle with 23 rounds of ammunition, two pairs of shoes, a cooking pot filled with food, and a knife at the scene.

Moreover, they also recovered a torch used by the terrorist to signal passing vehicles.

Additional items found and secured as evidence included a solar panel, a pair of scissors, a pen, and a black backpack containing 38 rounds of ammunition.

Furthermore, the authorities retrieved seven notes of Somali currency, equivalent to Sh2,800, two mobile phones, and one extended cartridge.